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The average american has sex for the first time at 17 years old. As tempting as it is to hope that preaching abstinence will prevent kids from having sex, we know abstinence-only sex education doesnt work. Like it or not, your child is probably still going to be living at.   mom asked me for sex asked by an anonymous user on with 1 answer when i was 15 years old (im 22 now), my dad left overseas leaving me with my mom. Im a 55-year-old woman and i have a problem with my neighbour. She is trying to get my family and me into trouble by accusing us of following her and peeping into her house. She wants people to find out that i am having sex with my son. Its very inappropriate for a mother to give sex education like that.   ok i know this sounds strange! But recently ive noticed alot of signs from my new step mom of about 3 months, now my dad is a good looking guy (no homo) so my step mom is hot and shes only 35, im 16 but i look older i think thats why shes on to me, like yesterday i looked at her and she bent over and shes always hugging me and she fallows me everwhere like yesterday i went to the bathroom and. 3 reasons you should want your child to wait to have sex in 1996 a wealthy suburb of atlanta was shocked by a syphilis outbreak among teenagers, some even as young as twelve years old.   by the tone of your question, im going to assume you knew about this relationship and didnt have a problem with it, until your mother got pregnant, which sounds like its more of an awkward situation, than a problem.   the jest has been my way of acknowledging the flack i have received from friends who think its weird or unhealthy for me to be sharing so many details of my life with my mom. When you first had sex, did you tell your parents? Either parent? Both of them? In my case, being a 70s child, i never discussed sexuality (my own or others) with my mother or father. After i had three kids in my 30s, i assume they figured out i knew what to do between the sheets. But the subject continued to be an unexplored, lets say completely closed, family topic.

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