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From oedipus complexs perspective it is claimed that as the male children have sexual attraction towards their mother hamlet could have a desire for his mother. Hamlets love for his mother hamlet is seen as one of the most complex literary character of all time. The relationship between hamlet and gertrude can be interpreted in many ways. Hamlets motivation for killing claudius is not to avenge his fathers death, but because of his love for his mother gertrude. However, there was some criticism of the films endless interior shots of the castle, and of the openly freudian interpretation of hamlets openly sexual attraction to his mother, queen gertrude, who was too youthful by far.   with hamlets strong dislike of marriage, aversion to the continuity of the human race by means of reproduction, and blatant anxiety in regards to the concept of sexual relations, a far more appropriate conclusion may be that, instead of having a sexual attraction. In psychoanalytic theory, the oedipus complex refers to the childs desire for sexual involvement with the opposite sex parent, particularly a boys erotic attention to his mother. This desire is kept out of conscious awareness through repression, but freud believed that it still had an influence over a childs behavior and played a role in.   hamlets oedipal complex is apparent through the deep fondness for his mother and the frequent sexual allusions. In film terms, this scene makes the central problem of hamlet perfectly clear, and dramatically strengthens everything that follows. It sets up not only hamlets anguish, but the real attraction between his mother and his uncle, which is seen in this version to be at least as sexual as it is political. Hamlet and the oedipus complex hamlet is the typical kind of son almost every father and mother would want intelligent, loving, caring, strong and loyal. Yet, some scholars believe that he is just another emotional character, defying our eyes to think that his acts are innocent, when his real purpose is to take his mother for himself. Hamlet continues heedlessly on, throwing ophelia in with all womankind, and castigating all as a bad lotoccupied with deceitful occupations such as applying makeup, using pet names for animals, and generally disguising their true motives (sexual attraction) as ignorance. Hamlet is getting worked up just thinking about the duplicity of.

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